Hey All! Help a puppy’s family out?

Hey, folks!
Our littlest family member had a rough time last weekend- though not as rough as it got on our wallet!

We’re a third of the way there; any assistance would be most welcome…and you get a pic of our family & personalised pawprint thank-you card from our little Snoopy to boot. 🙂
Take care; please click, give, and/or share. 🙂

Hi all!
We brought Snoopy to the Vet for what seemed like constipation. Before the night was done, we’d visited a vert clinic, an emergency walk-in, and then a full-fledged pet ER!


Then we found out the truth: Snoopy, our beloved little dog, has Addison’s Disease.
Short version: His adrenal glands weren’t talking right to his kidneys, and he was dying of dehydration.

The wonderful folks at Mid-Cities and Veterinary Emergency Group [VEG] were SO wonderful and good, both to Snoopy and us. They stabilized him, and gave us a plan for his continuing treatment, but…

The tests and work at Mid-Cities cost $800+. 

Treatment at  VEG cost $1600+.

Follow-up Expenses [examination, bloodwork, etc] $200

Other expenses [gas to travel, food, etc.]: $100

Total: $2700


…They all did great work, and ecstatic about every part of the job they did, BUT:

 we’re a family of a high school English teacher, with kids in college, 2 kids in Catholic school, and a mom who can only work part time since her stroke a few years ago.

To a family like ours, the impact of a sudden $2700 bill can be…*significant* to say the least. 😦


We’d hoped to visit our kids’ grandparents on the West Coast in Canada this summer for the first time in years, [it may be the last chance they’ll have to see them- they are in their 80s and having medical issues] but unless we recoup the funds we lost to medical bills, it likely won’t happen.

Could you please help us with a donation? We’ll be happy to send copies of our bills to those that need evidence.
All donors will receive a personalized thank you note with a picture of our happy family and Snoopy, signed by us and Snoopy’s pawprint. 🙂 


Thank you all! 
John McNichol & the McNichol family.


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