Happy Palm Sunday!

Hey all!
Palm Sunday; the Sunday before Easter.
It’s a beautiful mass in most places, the purpose being to re-enact Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem right before passover. He fulfilled a number of prophecies that day, most of which went unnoticed.
Example: My old teacher, Dr. Scott Hahn, notes here that the gates Jesus enters in were often used to bring in the lambs that were to be sacrificed and eaten for the Passover meal. Thus, Jesus is the sacrifice, and as He said in John chapter 6, we are to eat His body in the Eucharist as the ancient Hebrews were to eat the flesh of the lambs at the Passover meal.
Heady stuff.
Me, as a little boy, the main takeaway I always got when I saw one of the Jesus movies at Easter [back when they still showed Jesus movies on commercial TV at Easter time; they are kind’ve problematic for a lot of folks today, it seems!] was just how fickle and nasty people could be. Here’s Jesus, and everyone’s cheering him with everything they’ve got. In less than a week, they’re going to be spitting on him as he carries a heavy wooden cross on His mutilated back through those same streets.
Of course, if I really think about it, I’ve no right to be holier-than-thou to them. The real lesson, I learned as I got older, is how easy it is, always has been, and always will be to toss Jesus ‘under the bus’ if believing in Him got in the way of a career ambition, acceptance by a desired group, or just to avoid being run over by the cancel-culture train.
Thankfully, people seem to be waking up to the woke-jokers, and not taking them seriously as they did last summer. Whew! Still, historically, there will always be an Emperor Diocletian, a Pol Pot, or a woke-mob who demand allegiance to them and their agendas before all else. “Once the government denies the existence of God, the government becomes god. And the first law of any god is ‘thou shalt have no gods before me.’ [paraphrased from GK Chesterton. Yes, shameless plug. Kids gotta eat. 🙂 ] It’s a trick that takes a lifetime to work to make sure that Christ does get our allegiance before all else, while still maintaining the life we have to live here on earth for 70-80ish years. 🙂
On a lighter note: Please pray for some bits about my job; I have great hopes for next year, but it depends on a number of things working out that I have little-to-no actual control over. 🙂
Oh, and if you’re reading this on FB, Twitter, Goodreads or wherever: please come by and subscribe. Still would like more folks to join in ! Even if you were a subscriber before, the list got wiped away in the weird purge that WordPress did to my old blog.
God bless, all! Thank you,Lord! 🙂


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