• Old School Gamer Article’s Up! :)

    Heh! Is a fine little website, and I published this today. Two Subjects near & dear to my heart: Superheroes and Old Atari VCS/2600 games:Spiderman Vs Superman: https://www.oldschoolgamermagazine.com/superman-vs-spiderman-red-vs-blue-or-false-vs-true/ Continue reading

  • Back To The Future- Movie Magic with my family!

    Hey all!Got to see Back to the Future last night with my family- Free, at a little place called the Arlington Improv!Good people; let you in for free, ask you to buy two items when you get there [not a huge problem- food was good, pop was good, if a little spendy], and there was… Continue reading

  • Ah, FRIDAY!

    Hey all.Please visit the site & subscribe! Love to get back to where I was a few years back before we escaped Portland for Texas. 🙂 Need a book for the last quarter for your book report and/or to round out your curriculum? Visit my awesome publishers at Hillside Education, or grab one of the… Continue reading

  • Happy Thursday!

    Hey all! Good morning! Coffee’s brewed, I got some words in this morning, and I sent off the last of my junk to the University of Dallas in the hopes [say a prayer, kiss-the-cross] that this year my writing, achievements and such will be sufficient to see me admitted to their excellent PhD program in… Continue reading

  • Whew!

    I’m getting back in the swim of writing for fun, and I have to work hard to ignore what I call my ‘anti-muse.’ I mentioned him a while back in a post for the Catholic Writer’s Guild. My Anti-muse is a phantom of my imagination. In many ways, he’s the stereotypical comic-book guy: overweight, about… Continue reading

  • Yay! I’m On A Podcast!

    Hey all!J.R. Handley has a VERY cool podcast called Blasters and Blades, and I had the most fun on his show I’ve EVER had in a live interview! 😀 Most of the show’s guests are writers who are former military; I guess my 2 years in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets [180 Mosquito Squadron! Who’s… Continue reading

  • What a Day!

    Well, I love living in Texas, and having last week off for what goes for a frost/snowstorm was pretty nifty. 🙂 But today? And yesterday?Rain.Rain.Rain.Yech.One of the many things I do not regret about escaping with my family from the People’s Republic of Portland in 2016 was the incessant, grey-skied, moss-creating, depression-inducting rain that always… Continue reading

  • Happy Monday!

    Hey, all!I started writing the Young Chesterton Chronicles back in early 2003 when I was snowed in with my wonderful family in Vancouver, Washington….My family….All.Seven.Children.😀Nah, it wasn’t that bad. But I just realized that I turned what will [hopefully!] be the final volume during…a week that we were all snowed in down here in the… Continue reading

  • Good Morning!

    Hey, all!A little bit about the guy I write about: Gilbert Keith Chesterton was a man born in England…aw heck. Short on time this morning. here’s his wikipedia page:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._K._Chesterton …for me? My stories are about a fictionalized GL Chesterton , living in a steampunk universe where the stories he and others of his age wrote… Continue reading

  • Want a Book? :)

    Hey, all! For those who need a recap:I write books. On the side, yes. One day, still hoping and working to make it a full-time gig. My first published work was:The Young Chesterton Chronicles, Book 1: The Tripods Attack! <—CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY! 😀 …then, it was so successful that I wrote a… Continue reading

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