Back To The Future- Movie Magic with my family!

Hey all!
Got to see Back to the Future last night with my family- Free, at a little place called the Arlington Improv!
Good people; let you in for free, ask you to buy two items when you get there [not a huge problem- food was good, pop was good, if a little spendy], and there was a trivia contest beforehand.
I saw the original back when I was 15 years old in 1985, in Toronto on its opening day, with my buddy, Patrick. We ended up seated next to a local legend- Eugene Levy, then of SCTV fame!
…got his autograph. “Sir, excuse me- are you Eugene Levy?”
EL: “Yes, who’re you?”
Ended up being a nice fellow; wrote me ‘all the best’ on some foreign currency I had in my wallet, even though the pen kept quitting. 🙂
My son noted how much he wished he’d been a teen in the 80s; despite the crappiness that was out there then, how many times I had bad times, I’d have to say I agree with him, from what I see of teen life today. So much seems unreal; scrolling, gaming online, comparatively so little actual interaction with those around you. All the stories I tell my class are about good times I had with actual people, with the occasional phone conversation. How do you make a good story out’ve something said in a chatroom?
Great movie; hasn’t lost an ounce of wonder or joy in the nearly 40 years since it was made. After it was done, we were allowed to go into the retro arcade attached to the Improv for free; no having to pay the $10 admission fee! Me, Jeanna, Jamesy and Clairebear all go to play Qbert, Frogger, Donkey Kong, and…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with April still the beautiful redhead she’s always been until recently [see the otherwise cool trailer for the latest iteration. Do the wokejokers think they’ve won the war on Christmas? Is that why they’re attacking pretty women and making them into slouchy ragbags like the new Thelma? Who knows…].
Otherwise, a busy, busy first actual day of Spring break. Worked on a Gatsby paper I’m hoping to publish, sent out another book to a friend- hope their boy enjoys The Emperor of North America-and basically getting back to a semblance of normal with most of tha family having been sick this week.
Ahhhhhh. Coffee’s brewed, house is quiet. I like it when my biggest decision is how I’ll spend the next few hours; writing, making minis on my 3d printer [a batch for the Steampunk JLA game I’ll be running on Friday, St. Patrick’s Day!], or maybe shooting a video review for the latest VisionAid product! Oh, yeah…car repairs… [*yawn*]…maybe this afternoon… 🙂
Oh, and please visit the site, and hit subscribe? Still only have 2 folks from the last iteration. 🙂


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