I’m getting back in the swim of writing for fun, and I have to work hard to ignore what I call my ‘anti-muse.’

I mentioned him a while back in a post for the Catholic Writer’s Guild. My Anti-muse is a phantom of my imagination. In many ways, he’s the stereotypical comic-book guy: overweight, about a week of neckbeard, and constantly leaning over my shoulder while stuffing his mouth with cheesepuffs while he notes errors in grammar, continuity, or how I’m totally botching this story in every possible way because… everything. 🙂

Still moving forward, and hoping the final edits pass the final muster for my publisher. 🙂

A question for those who are reading my posts: I had a fellow writer suggest that I shelf a project that’s been a bit of a passion piece of mine for a bit; about a retired superhero who turns teacher and has to confront a number of his past issues.

“No likes to read a prose version of something that’s supposed to be in a comic book,” he said. Maybe he’s right? I’d welcome thoughts.

For now, off to teach night school. 🙂
God bless,


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