What a Day!

Well, I love living in Texas, and having last week off for what goes for a frost/snowstorm was pretty nifty. 🙂
But today? And yesterday?
One of the many things I do not regret about escaping with my family from the People’s Republic of Portland in 2016 was the incessant, grey-skied, moss-creating, depression-inducting rain that always seemed to be present from August through to…pretty much the next July.
So, I’ve been a bit down last few days.
Happy about…me finally getting back in the swim [pun intended] of writing again. Having fun writing a piece inspired a bit from a Philip K Dick story I started to like, but like so many of his pieces dissolved about 2/3 of the way into a weird, druggie-dreamed mess.
More to come. 🙂
God bless; drop by my Amazon page or my publisher and grab a book, whydoncha? 🙂


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I am a Catholic, husband, father, teacher and author. On a good day, I am these things in that order. :)
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