Want a Book? :)

Hey, all!
For those who need a recap:
I write books.
On the side, yes. One day, still hoping and working to make it a full-time gig.
My first published work was:
The Young Chesterton Chronicles, Book 1: The Tripods Attack! <—CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY! 😀

…then, it was so successful that I wrote a sequel:

The Young Chesterton Chronicles, Book 2: The Emperor of North America.

…and in between I wrote a book for the grade 4-8 crowd, unrelated to the other books.
It’s called The King’s Gambit.

…and now, we’re getting closer to seeing the 3rd book in the Young Chesterton Chronicles, titled Where the Red Sands Fly. 🙂

So, drop by Amazon, OR by my awesome publishers at Hillside Education, and pick up some books!
More later,


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About Me

I am a Catholic, husband, father, teacher and author. On a good day, I am these things in that order. :)
Check out my books at my most excellent publisher, Hillside books, at www.hillsideeducation.com.
All opinions expressed here are my own. Hopefully, I’ll convince you to make them your own, too. :)


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